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8 Unique Ways To Use High Back Leather Armchair In The Home

faux leather high back recliner armchair footrest

There are distinct types of armchairs available on the market including High back, Wing back, tub, cuddle, swivel, massage, with different types of coverings, such as leather, fabric, velvet and functions such as swivel, manual recliner, electric recliner, heated massage, and with or without an elevating electric or mechanical footrest.

Enhance The Décor of your Home.

It’s exciting to get involved in various aspects of interior designing. The look of a leather, fabric velvet armchair is important and choosing the location is just as vital. In front of the fireplace? At the Desk? Or quietly sitting in the corner just urging you to sit in it?
A Leather Armchair or any pleasantly covered armchair is an asset to any home. It is stylish, elegant and, if done right, uniquely appealing.

Something to talk about

The furniture can significantly enhance the décor of your home but also by becoming a centrepiece, a talking point, an anecdote or two about how you fall asleep in the chair whilst binge-watching your favourite TV show, night after night or how you spent 6 weeks (almost without moving!) in the chair over the last Covid lockdown. Eating, drinking, sleeping, Watching football, binge-watching Game of Thrones and more!

The Comfort of an Armchair with A High Back

A high back leather armchair is particularly very comfortable for adults. It is cosy and warm. With an extra padded seat and foam filled padded back, there is a lot of comfort in using it. When reclined, the extra padding provides a sinking feeling, offering more support for your upper back, lumbar and hips.

Using The Armchair As A Home Office Chair

You can use a quality faux leather armchair like a chair in your home office. Post COVID-19, the culture of ‘work-from-home’ has acquired a new meaning. Accordingly, you need to make yourself comfortable working long hours from your home. A warm, soft and hardy armchair can give you ample respite. However, mobility may be an issue as most leather recliner armchairs offer no castor wheels

Using the armchair As a Gaming Chair. Get Comfortable. You May Be A While!

In recent years, gaming has attained great popularity. So, are you someone that loves playing video games too? PlayStation or Xbox? You can enjoy tons of gameplay in your chosen virtual reality. You need a super-grade gaming device, a large screen and you need one other thing; A hugely comfortable chair. A lovely leather wingback armchair will meet that objective. The comfort level is superb.

Your Special Seat To Watch The Footy!

Do you love football? Cricket, even? Are you a follower of the Premier League, Champions League or The Championship? A stylish recliner armchair can be an excellent choice that provides you ultimate comfort to enjoy football matches on TV, to the fullest extent. It is yet another way in which you can use the armchair. It is a guarantee that you would cherish each moment of an enthralling match, in full comfort in your armchair.

Extra Comfort. Rest Your Bones and Relax Those Tense Muscles!

It is intelligent to leverage to hidden potential of an armchair in unique ways. One such method is to use it as a massaging station. You place the chair in your ideal spot, sit back, switch it to “ON” and relax. A wing back recliner armchair with heating massage features is a perfect fit in this case. You will enjoy an immersive experience.

Just To Relax… You Know… Conventionally!

At the end of the day, a leather armchair with a high back is the most suitable seat where you can relax, reading a book and sipping a cup of hot Darjeeling tea. The feeling is fulfilling.

It calms your nerves after a busy day of schedule. Yes, it is indeed another way to use a leather chair…. The old-fashioned way. Just sitting for sittings sake!

Wrapping Up

(btw, talking about wrapping up, check out these hoodie blankets)

What is wiser than making the best use of an asset without worrying about its damage? Well, to make your decision a simplified effort, this blog took you to eight different ways to use a high-back leather armchair. Whether to enhance the home décor or to relax, watch cricket, or work stylishly, you have a lot of options. Yes, you have!

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How To Choose The Perfect Multi-Functional, Heating Massage, Leather Armchair?

Brown manual Armchair 10 in 1 Massage Heat

Regular massage can cure several ailments and provide relief from muscle pains. Luckily, technologies today have made it easy to pickup massaging sessions for your home. A good session can also reduce aches in joints and improve sleep. A multi-functional heating massage leather recliner armchair is of paramount importance, which gives you more reasons to invest in it.

However, before that, there are several other aspects you should consider while selecting the perfect massaging armchair. Don’t rush but rather explore a wide range of products before making your final decision. To simplify it for you, here is a list of some simple yet effective tips you can apply!

Tip 1: The armchair should have the technology to scan the body

The armchair should smoothly scan the body without any trouble to the user. It also has to be able to locate the portions of the body that require massage and should be very convenient for the user. Also, if it has the right automated features, it becomes a luxurious option.

Tip 2: An automatic shut-off mode

The core of the massage is a heating function. You should ensure from the seller whether the leather armchair has a system of automatic shut-off mode. Such a feature is effective in preventing overheating of the chair. Hence, it implements the required safety measures during the massage session.

Tip 3: Provision of a remote control

Does the reclining armchair with massaging facilities have a remote control? To put it straight – can you control its functions with a remote? Locating buttons on the side or under the chair can be tricky and give you a backache in itself so be sure about having a handheld before choosing the chair from an online shop or physical store.

Tip 4: Space-saving modern technology

It is also quite essential to enquire about the space-saving trendy technology details along with its features. If it has a smaller frame without compromising on any other attribute.

Tip 5: The price of the chair

Gone are the days where a massaging chair costs thousands of pounds. Yes, those are still in circulation, but if your budget doesn’t stretch that far, then a low-budget chair is the perfect solution.  It is obvious to think about the expenses you have to bear to purchase the chair from a top brand. It should suit the budget you have planned. When you check the options for heating massage leather chairs, go ahead to know about the competitive rates. Don’t forget to check out whether you can receive any discounts.

Tip 6: Checking out the various features

It is also essential to learn about the range of features that a heating massage leather armchair has, apart from the ones discussed above. For example, it could have Bluetooth compatibility and overheating protection facilities.  Ensure to check how many points of contact are there.  If it offers heat to just ne point of the back or several. If it heats the seat and armrests too.  There are many different options.  Do read the product details before buying it, and remember that these will help you frame the decision.

Tip 7: Reputation of the Brand

You can never overlook the reputation of the brand in the market. For that, it is essential to read the online reviews before deciding on anything. There are details in the feedback that would provide rich information, helping you choose the most suitable armchair. It is also easily possible to compare different competitive brands.

Use These Tips Wisely

Choose an elegant and functional heating massage armchair from a top-rated online shop. The benefits for your back or any other aching part of the body would be immense. .

A Selection of Luxury Life Furniture "Massge Armchairs"

Enhance Your Home Decor with A Leather Armchair

Althorpe wingback pushback recliner armchair

When your objective is to enrich your home decor, a beautiful, sturdy and elegant Leather armchair can be a wonderful choice. You can either have it custom-built or buy it readymade from a top-rated online store. Ensure you purchase the armchair from a reputable seller.

Locating A Space to Keep The Chair

If you are purchasing for practical reason, then you know exactly where the chair is going to be placed. If not, you need to be sure of the place where you would place the armchair. It could be in the living room or it could be in your bedroom come office. You might prefer to keep a lovely Recliner armchair on your balcony! You can discuss it with an experienced interior designer, usually, this would be your partner.  Wherever it goes, ensure the dimensions of the place fit the measurements of the armchair.  Consider the reclined position and how much space is required behind, and in front for perfect positioning when fully reclined.

Pure Leather VS Faux Leather

The decision boils down to your preference of leather. You can either go for an armchair made of pure leather or buy the product made of faux leather. In recent time, the popularity of faux leather armchair has increased remarkably.  Weathered, real leather gives a stature like no other, but faux leather or bonded leather also offer a classic heritage look to your space.

Who Is Going To Use The Armchair?

It is a good question to address. Who is the person who will most frequently use the armchair? When you are sure about it, you can be certain about the chair’s dimensions.. Consider the height of the individual in comparison to the height of the chair, the chair’s “back” and the length of footrest when extended and raised for perfect fitting.

Determining The Budget

The budget is an essential aspect in the ongoing context. When you need to add more value to home decor, you have to determine the expenses you can bear to buy, in this case, an armchair. A pure leather product will cost you more in terms of cleaning and upkeep, whereas a chair made of faux leather has a lower price tag in terms of maintenance.

A Chair with Value-Added Features – Yes Or No?
It is also important to decide whether you want an armchair loaded with various kinds of attributes. For example, you might think of adorning one of the corners of your home with a multi-functional heating massage leather recliner armchair. Not only will your room look appealing, you will also feel much better with regular usage.

Determining The Colour of The Armchair

What is the colour you are looking for? Do you love black, brown, blue or even cream? It is completely at your discretion. You can go with a sleek and cozy leather armchair high back product. If you are eager to own something different, then you can choose other hues. For example, you can conveniently select a blue recliner armchair.

Maintaining Aesthetics

You need to keep in mind to maintain the aesthetic details of your home décor, when you buy a lovely, hardy and stylish reclining armchair. The bold hues of the chair should nicely blend with the colors of your existing décor and other materials present in the room. Such aesthetics reflect your refined tastes. The guests admire your choices, too.

Don’t Place Too Close to The Wall

Remember not to place a stylish recliner armchair too close to the wall. It devalues the appeal of the product. There should be some space around it. Also, keeping a relatively big armchair in a tiny room is not recommended.

A Selection of Luxury Life Furniture "Recliner Armchairs"

How To Choose The Perfect Recliner Armchair?

Velvet Recliner Armchair in Blue

So, you finally decided to buy a recliner armchair! Not only do these provide extreme comfort, but recliner armchairs also deliver additional health benefits. No more soreness in the neck. These recliner armchairs increase blood circulation and result in a relaxed spine. However, buying a leather recliner armchair is an investment in itself, and you don’t want to go wrong when buying it. Remember, one size does not fit all.

Look for a size that fits your body shape and living space.

Never buy a recliner armchair just by looking at its appearance and style. You don’t want to waste your money on something which will not fit you or the space in your home. It is of utmost importance for you to choose in relation to the size of your body and that of the allocated space for the leather recliner before making the purchase. Whether buying physically or online, you can take measurements on your own or ask the product representative to help you get one. Make sure you check if your feet are touching the floor or hanging, the wrong size will make your back sore and thighs ache.

The best option is to measure every time.

Choose the correct type of leather recliner chair.

Leather recliner chairs are available and developed for many different purposes. Each one catering to one’s own needs. Be it for back pain, relaxation, or eased mobility. Always choose the model that fulfills your requirement.

If you’re still confused, go with a classic model.

Having difficulty choosing the right leather recliner? Stick to the classics. Select your leather recliner based on its durability. Also, keep in mind that the furnishings of your home may change over the times in the lifespan of the recliner.

Decide on your most important features.

Looking for the best recliners? Have you checked for the features you want in your recliners? No? Don’t hurry to make that deal yet. You don’t want to wrong yourself with a recliner that won’t fit.

Different recliners come with different features. Some factors may be imperative for people with medical issues, such as a heating massage feature to lower pressure sores, easy-care material, or rollers to move easily between rooms.

Wooden hand support offers additional help when getting in and out of the chair and also looks appealing. Look at the pushback style to suit your body shape and any fitness concerns.

Features like Built-in USB mounts for mobile phones and tablets can make the experience a lot more indulgent. Maybe you would want a heating feature? Or perhaps, the most critical factor for you is that the recliner comes in leather to match the ambiance of your space.

At Luxury Life Furniture, we are constantly adding new designs, materials, and features to our range of furniture. We aim to deliver high-quality, exquisitely designed furniture at a great amount, with excellent service.

A Selection of Luxury Life Furniture "Recliner Armchairs"

Tips To Identify Good Leather Recliner Armchairs

Recliner armchairs are in popularity, especially for their remarkable comfort. But when it comes to these reliable recliner armchairs, you simply cannot choose another recliner by just looking at the design or functions. While every recliner is sufficient, choosing the correct one to suit yourself is a challenging task. How so? A perfect recliner should fit the user’s appropriate size and comfort requirement. An unsuitable recliner armchair can give you multiple health issues such as back pain, sore thighs, or bad posture.

Purchasing a piece of new furniture or replacing the old one in your home or office is always an exciting task. A fashionable piece of furniture can change the look of your home or office space without doing much. Especially when it comes to leather recliner armchairs, regretting your choice leads to difficult circumstances.

You would want to guarantee your office leather recliner armchair is authentic, or you may have to endure the peeling off of leathers maybe even the very next day after delivery

So, how to identify good leather recliner armchairs?

Check the durability.


One of the most basic but important questions that come to mind while buying a leather recliner is its durability. How much will it hold up over the period? Check with the product agent about durability, leather quality and how much stronger it is compared to the average fabric. You can also ask them to demonstrate the durability of your chosen leather recliner armchair by trying to stick a pin through the sample.

Look at the appearance.

When it comes to furniture like leather recliner armchairs, you can tell if it is faux leather or real leather just by looking at it. In the original leather recliner, you would find the following qualities:

  • Regular showings from the skin of the animal
  • Folds or creases due to the fatty deposits of the animal
  • Irregular and uneven seam edges

Whereas in faux leather recliners, the edges would be seamless and perfect. The added difference you can see is that there are no natural markings. You will only see a solid color.

Feel the furniture.

Feel the textures of the leather recliner armchairs before deciding on them. In original leather recliner armchairs, you would discover folds or natural creases from the animal’s body. There is also that softness and a somewhat uneven feel on the surface of the leather. Whenever you sit on the real leather recliner armchair, it would give you a warm feeling. Whereas, faux leather armchairs will make you feel cold when you sit on them. Artificial leather is normally stiff yet uniform to the touch.

Smell the leather.

When buying a leather recliner armchair, you can also find out the real one by smelling it. The smell of a real leather recliner is different and should release an appealing smell. If the leather is unprocessed, it would smell stronger compared to the one artificially created; while the smell of the faux leather recliner is not as pleasant due to the presence of synthetic fibers.

Leather recliner armchairs from Luxury Life Furnitures are made in the UK, built to last, and recognized around the globe for their unparalleled designs and extraordinary comfort.

A Selection of Luxury Life Furniture "Recliner Armchairs"

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