Tips To Identify Good Leather Recliner Armchairs

Recliner armchairs are in popularity, especially for their remarkable comfort. But when it comes to these reliable recliner armchairs, you simply cannot choose another recliner by just looking at the design or functions. While every recliner is sufficient, choosing the correct one to suit yourself is a challenging task. How so? A perfect recliner should fit the user’s appropriate size and comfort requirement. An unsuitable recliner armchair can give you multiple health issues such as back pain, sore thighs, or bad posture.

Purchasing a piece of new furniture or replacing the old one in your home or office is always an exciting task. A fashionable piece of furniture can change the look of your home or office space without doing much. Especially when it comes to leather recliner armchairs, regretting your choice leads to difficult circumstances.

You would want to guarantee your office leather recliner armchair is authentic, or you may have to endure the peeling off of leathers maybe even the very next day after delivery

So, how to identify good leather recliner armchairs?

Check the durability.


One of the most basic but important questions that come to mind while buying a leather recliner is its durability. How much will it hold up over the period? Check with the product agent about durability, leather quality and how much stronger it is compared to the average fabric. You can also ask them to demonstrate the durability of your chosen leather recliner armchair by trying to stick a pin through the sample.

Look at the appearance.

When it comes to furniture like leather recliner armchairs, you can tell if it is faux leather or real leather just by looking at it. In the original leather recliner, you would find the following qualities:

  • Regular showings from the skin of the animal
  • Folds or creases due to the fatty deposits of the animal
  • Irregular and uneven seam edges

Whereas in faux leather recliners, the edges would be seamless and perfect. The added difference you can see is that there are no natural markings. You will only see a solid color.

Feel the furniture.

Feel the textures of the leather recliner armchairs before deciding on them. In original leather recliner armchairs, you would discover folds or natural creases from the animal’s body. There is also that softness and a somewhat uneven feel on the surface of the leather. Whenever you sit on the real leather recliner armchair, it would give you a warm feeling. Whereas, faux leather armchairs will make you feel cold when you sit on them. Artificial leather is normally stiff yet uniform to the touch.

Smell the leather.

When buying a leather recliner armchair, you can also find out the real one by smelling it. The smell of a real leather recliner is different and should release an appealing smell. If the leather is unprocessed, it would smell stronger compared to the one artificially created; while the smell of the faux leather recliner is not as pleasant due to the presence of synthetic fibers.

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